With VITALOSSEA, enjoy moving your muscles...

Sometimes, we only realise how good it is to be well when we're unwell, right? That's because whenever we notice some kind muscular discomfort, we start looking for something to get us back on our feet.


And although we know that it's almost impossible for pain to disappear without a trace, we do think we can find some kind of panacea. At Derbós, we know all about this, and that's why we have developed a product line composed of natural elements that help to alleviate pain, allowing us to feel much better, both inside and out.

So please keep reading, because we'd like to present the VITALOSSEA by Derbós range, the perfect product line to make you feel happy-happy all day long. Thanks to their ingredients, you avoid pain, strengthen your locomotor system at the same time in a healthy, natural and safe way.



Like what you've seen?  Well, that's just the start. Click here and discover more... because we all know that feeling good and diminishing pain and discomfort is of vital importance all year round, but even more so in summer, when we're out more, moving our muscles much more than in winter...


VITALOSSEA, a food and cosmetic supplement range using natural products that help us ensure that we never stop moving! Because at Derbós, our greatest concern is to help you take care of your health, and enjoying all the benefits you can from what we have to offer. Thank you for placing your trust in us.