Summer arrives and our whole world turns upside down. But with a season so full of activities, commitments and excesses, it should not leave us knocked out so much to enjoy it as we deserve to. From early morning until late at night.

So that you can live the summer without hardly getting tired, at Derbós we bring you two star products from our ROYALTONE Range.

Royaltone VITAL

Royaltone VITAL is a liquid food supplement with fruit extract, sea water and royal jelly 2% 10-HDA.
With its composition of Pantothenic acid, Folate, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C - makes it the perfect combination of nutrients to help us reduce tiredness and fatigue.
In addition, Royaltone VITAL is an ally to combat mental and physical exhaustion, thanks to its invigorating and energising effect.

Royaltone SPORT

Royaltone SPORT from Derbós is an invigorating and energising food supplement to help combat physical fatigue, favoring the practice of physical and sports activities.
Royaltone SPORT is a food supplement with a 100% natural base, made with royal jelly 2% 10-HDA, fruit extract, seawater, vitamins and pollen extract, some of whose ingredients contribute to improve physical performance during sports practices at all intensity levels.