Derbós, Natural Laboratory is committed to the health and wellbeing of the youngest members of the household at any time of the year, always thinking about family savings.

With organoleptic improvements, Derbós has adapted one of its classics, the YARAVÍ range, to a new smaller and more practical format (150 ml), perfect to adapt to the needs of each home.



The YARAVÍ food supplements with Fresh Fruit Extract and Low Glycemic Index, are large and small liquid syrup delights which help them in their day to day life.

The YARAVÍ range contributes with it's specific nutrients to favour physiological processes such as sleep, memory, digestion, defenses, etc. (Apetite, Defen, Digest, Dorm, Estirón, Memoria y Tus.)

The YARAVÍ food supplements from Derbós in reference to infantile syrups has changed and thanks to its quality and care, along with striking packaging and now with its new format of 150 ml, it will reach more homes to benefit more infants from all its advantages.