Derbós, we give shape to the natural


Derbós has a clear mission since its establishment in 1988, give shape to the natural, and get from the nature the most valuable for proper physiological development and then offer to the public the best such in quality and price.

Since its humble beginnings, Derbós has a young professionals team with wide proven experience in the industry, creating a multidisciplinary team in various fields. A clear example is the Technical Department , with 2 Pharmaceutical since its establishment and several Laboratory technical. Led by human professionals involved in the project and continuous technological improvements in machinery, the process has resulted in the opening of the new installations in late 2012 in Rotova.

Today, Derbós has modern installations, equipped with Cleanroom to ensure perfect hygiene in the preparation in all products and with larger warehouse to store in appropriate conditions. Also, an experienced team provides our customers all kinds of possible actions, from administrative trade to logistics. In this way, thanks to the commitment of the team, Derbós has managed to develop and market natural products, many of which are a referenced in the sector because they have the confidence both health professionals and consumers.


The quality has always been the essential companion throughout the history of the company. A quality that ranges from dealing with our customers to products. In dealing with our clients, Derbós always finds ready to meet your needs. Referring to products remark that the Quality Control Process covers all phases of production. This control starts in the raw materials and in the packaging material, following in the manufacturing steps , and ending with the finished product checks , which are not only limited to aspects such as labeling and batching , but also to a complete microbiological analysis.

Raw materials and production

The raw material selection is due to an extensive and elaborate protocol , in order to achieve excellence in them. The perfect balance between the highest quality at the best price is the goal of a large professional team involved not only in buying but also in meeting the testing requirements.

R&D (Research and Development)

The R & D is the starting point of new projects. It is integrated in the Technical Department, often visiting international fairs and attending in as a listener as a speaker at international conferences in order to be aware of all possible innovations in the market and in the scientific community. Thanks to this ongoing commitment , Derbós is at the forefront , constantly presenting new physiological value products that satisfy the most demanding consumers and professionals.