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Royaltone Andys Depre with fresh fruits syrup, seawater and fresh royal jelly 2% 10-HDA

Royaltone Andys Depre

Aporte Mínimo Eficaz GarantizadoBajo Índice GlucémicoThe Fresh Fruits Syrup with a low- glycemic index 100% natural, is obtained through fresh fruits without chemical processes. Its composition from carbohydrates has been certified by the Oxford University with an index of Glycemic (IG) of 40,6, which allows to classify it as a Low-glycemic index food (Low GI). Therefore, this syrup is fully natural and healthy, being perfectly tolerated by all people, including the diabetics.

Product: Royaltone Andys Depre



Fresh fruits Low Glycemic Index syrup enriched with seawater, fresh Royal Jelly 2% 10-HDA, St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) , Avena ( Avena sativa) , Biotin and Polen fluid extract.

How to use:

Take 1 stick daily preferably on an empty stomach, either directly or in a glass of water or tea.